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Peer Coaching

Coaching in Practice - Closing

When you return to school, what will be your next coaching steps?

Part A: Session Summary and Parking Lot

  1. Review the summary of Session 5 below. You will use this to reflect on your learning.
    • Reviewed coaching communication skills.
    • Used communication skills to reflect on coaching experiences to date.
    • Used the Wows and Wonders protocol to reflect on coaching work.
    • Analysed a Coaching Roadblock.
  2. Review the Parking Lot questions.

Part B: Reflection

As you reflect on your learning, think how you can incorporate this information into your Coaching Plan.

  1. Use the Reflecting On My Learning handout to guide your reflection. Write your reflections in your eportfolio.

Examples of goals:

  • Finalising content with your collaborating teacher (may include your improved lesson)
  • Setting up a time to talk to your principal about sharing your coaching programme with the staff
  • Finding resources for a department or specific teacher other than your collaborating teacher
  • Composing an email message to your staff offering your coaching services or a great resource you found online
  • Creating a personalised Collaboration Log

Part C: Preparing for the e-Learning Phase 3

  1. Review the date of Session 7. Between now and that date "Session 6 " will be participating in e-Learning Phase 3.
  2. Review the e-Learning Assignment, which you will complete prior to attending Session 5.
  3. Note the purpose of these ongoing self study and collaboration assignments. You:
    • Build on the topics covered in the session you just attended.
    • Extend your learning between sessions.
    • Encourage collaboration using the Peer Coaching community on Canvas.

Part D: Evaluation

Complete the Session 5 Evaluation

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