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Peer Coaching

Coaching Skills (Self Study): Prepare for Lesson Improvement

What do you need to do to get ready for practicing lesson improvement in a collaborative environment?

You are going to work with your peer coach buddy during the next activities of this e-Learning phase to improve an existing lesson. The goal of this activity is to prepare you to work on collaborative lesson improvement with your teacher(s) by applying skills for coaching and knowledge of effective lesson design.

The partner-work of this session is a good time to practice another coaching skill: using norms for collaboration.

Norms for collaboration:

  • Complement the coaching skills of communication and using conflict as a resource.
  • Apply core concepts—communication skills and using conflict as a resource—to collaborative work.

Part A: Norms of Collaboration

  1. Open the Norms of Collaboration Inventory handout.
  2. Notice the seven norms in the shaded rows and their characteristics. Which are familiar to you?
  3. Check your understanding of the less-familiar norms and their characteristics with a colleague.
  4. Think about how you will use norms and their characteristics to collaborate on lesson improvement.
  5. For each norm, highlight one characteristic you think will be important during the lesson improvement effort.

Part B: Find a Lesson to Improve

Your main goal in this e-learning session is to:

Prepare to work on collaborative lesson improvement in your schools by applying skills for coaching and knowledge of effective lesson design.

  1. Review this process guide for building consensus.
  2. Discuss possible lessons that you would like to improve during the Lesson Improvement Process task that will follow. Decide on one lesson that you will use.

Part C: Learn about the Lesson Improvement Process and Rubric

There are six major steps to the lesson improvement process:

  • Assessment Standards
  • Develop a Task
  • Learner/Teacher Directions
  • Uses of ICT
  • Design Assessments
  • Identify Resources

With your partner, review the Lesson Improvement Process Rubric.

Throughout the lesson improvement process, use the rubric to guide your work and help you gauge your progress.

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