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Peer Coaching

Coaching Skills (Self Study): Overview

Coaching Cycle

What is the focus of Session 4? What is the process of lesson improvement?

Part A: Session Overview

In previous sessions, you:

  • Generated criteria for evaluating effective lessons.
  • Used those criteria to evaluate several lessons.
  • Used your communications skills as you evaluated. how to improve learning activities.

During Session 4, you will:

  • Capture Baseline Competency Data
  • Prepare for Lesson Improvement
  • Follow a Lesson Improvement Process
  • Continue Implementation

Part B: Review Norms

  • Review our norms.
  • Should we revise the list?

Part C: Connecting

Review the Coaching Cycle. How do your coaching activities at school and the Session 4 Activities relate to the Coaching Cycle?

Coaching Cycle

Log in to the Canvas Peer Coach community and go to "Coaching Successes and Challenges" in eLearning Phase 2.

  1. Share a sucess or challenge. If someone has recorded a similar experience, reply to that comment and expand the discussion in that thread of the discussion.
  2. Reply by adding an experience or possible solution.

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