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Coaching Skills (Self Study): Lesson Improvement Process

Identifying Assessment Standards

What are the assessment and 21st Century Skills standards that learners will work on?

Learners can demonstrate performance for many assessment standards from different content areas for a single problem-based lesson, but it is only necessary for you to identify the few assessment standards you intend to assess in your rubric.

  1. Identify no more than three assessment standards.
  2. Locate the standards: Go to your curriculum statements and learning guidelines under the Coaching Resources tab.
  3. Copy and paste the selected assessment standard(s) into your lesson template.

Part B: Identify Critical Outcomes

When learners engage in authentic, problem-based tasks they practice real-life working skills.

  1. Locate the Critical Outcomes.
  2. Copy and paste the selected critical outcomes into your lesson template.
  3. Optional: Go to 21st Century Skills Web site to access the skill standards.

Part C: Review the Learning Activity Checklist

  1. Locate the Learning Activity Checklist and review the assessment standards-based task category.
  2. Compare your selected assessment standards to these attributes.
  3. Revise your selected assessment standards if needed.

Part D: Define Your Assessment Standards

Add the standards to your Lesson Improvement Template.

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