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Peer Coaching

Coaching Skills (Self Study): Closing

How did the process of evaluating and revising a lesson improve it? How can you take what you learned today and use it to improve other lessons?

Part A: Session Summary, Norms, and Parking Lot

Review the summary of Session 4 below. You will use this to reflect on your learning.

During Session 4 you:

  • Used communications and collaboration skills while improving a learning activity.
  • Identified a lesson that could be enriched by using technology tools to enhance it.
  • Worked with several different tools and templates, including the Learning Activity Checklist, the Lesson Improvement Rubric, and the Norms of Collaboration Inventory.
  • Improved a lesson that you have used by enhancing it with technology tools that made the lesson more engaging, meaningful, and rich.

Review the Norms and any Parking Lot questions.

Part B: Reflection

  • Use the Reflecting On My Learning handout to think about what you learned in Session 4 and how you might apply these skills in the future.
  • Try to record something in each category on the handout.
  • Upload your handout to your MyNotebook Private Documents, naming it with today's session number.

Part D: Preparing for Session 5

Review the Session 4 Ongoing Collaboration Assignment handout.

Part E: Evaluation

  1. Log in to the Canvas Peer Coach community.
  2. Go to the Quiz section (select it from the left-hand column of the page).
  3. Click on e-Learning Session 2 Survey.
  4. Complete all questions.

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