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Peer Coaching

Coaching Skills - Closing

What did you learn today? How can you apply it to your work?

Part A: Session Summary, Norms and Parking Lot

Review the summary of Session 3 below. You will use this to reflect on your learning.

During Session 3 you:

  • Considered what coaches need to know and be able to do to support teachers’ needs.
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of several learning activities using criteria you generated.
  • Practiced using communication skills while discussing how to improve lessons.

Review the Norms and any Parking Lot questions.

Part B: Reflection

  1. Use the Reflecting On My Learning handout to guide your reflection. Write your reflections in your eportfolio.

Part C: Preparing for the e-Learning Phase 2

  1. Review the date of Session 5. Between now and that date "Session 4 " will be participating in e-Learning Phase 2.
  2. Review the e-Learning Assignment, which you will complete prior to attending Session 5.
  3. Note the purpose of these ongoing self-study and collaboration assignments. You:
    • Build on the topics covered in the session you just attended.
    • Extend your learning between sessions.
    • Encourage collaboration using the Peer Coaching community on Canvas.

Part D: Evaluation

Complete the Session 3 Evaluation

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