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Peer Coaching

Coaching Skills - Assess Lesson Design

You will remember having completed a task on assessing lesson design during the e-Learning phase immediately before this session. This activity gives you the opprtunity to conclude that task while putting your pper coach communication skills into practice.

Part A: Coaching Role Play—Lesson Design Improvement

The goals of this activity are to:

  • Experience a typical coaching scenario: helping a colleague think about improvement of lesson design.
  • Practise using the ideas of the Learning Activity Checklist in a coaching situation.
  • Reflect on the relevance and applicability of the coaching skill of Using Conflict as a Resource.

Getting Started

  1. Review the What's for Lunch? lesson.
  2. Move into A/B teams with your next partner.
  3. A plays the role of a collaborating teacher seeking feedback about how to improve the What's for Lunch? lesson.
  4. B plays the role of the coach, using the Learning Activity Checklist, the ideas from using Conflict as a Resource, and the communication skills to coach the teacher to improve the lesson.
  5. After 10 minutes, switch roles and repeat the activity.


Richard Elmore (2004) insists that school-wide improvement in student achievement will occurs only in schools where teachers and principals have explicitly created a shared norm about effective learning. Our work in this activity has helped us define a norm using the Learning Activity Checklist you have been revising.

  1. What concerns do you have about using the Learning Activity Checklist with colleagues? How can you address these concerns?
  2. How did this activity help you learn to evaluate the effectiveness of a lesson in four important areas?
  3. How did this activity help you prepare to work with a collaborating teacher on improvement of lesson design?
  4. How could you use this, or a similar activity, in an informal one-to-many coaching situation?

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