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Getting Started (Self Study): Review Promising Practices

Part B: Review Research

Use the research links below to help you answer the questions in Part B of the Promising Practices Scavenger Hunt handout.

  1. Go to How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School, an online book edited by Bransford, Brown, and Cocking (National Academy Press, 1999).
    Read the section Designs for Learning Environments, pp XVI-XVII.
  2. Read the “Key conclusions” on New Technologies.
  3. Next, read the sections titled “What the Research Says” and “Lessons Learned” on p. 1–3 of Investing in Technology: The Learning Return.

Parts C: Example of Learners' Work

Use one of the examples below to help you answer the question on the Scavenger Hunt Worksheet.

Primary school example

  • Read Digital Stories: Holidays We Celebrate to learn about activities the teachers at the students at Sunset Elementary School and Makassed Khalil Shehab School developed to help their students gain literacy skills, learn about culture and geography and develop other key skills.
  • Explore the “Holidays We Celebrate” section of digital stories created by students in Lebanon and the U.S.

(Digital Stories: A Celebration of Learning and Culture used with the permission of the authors, Cheryl Arnett and Rawya Shatila)

Secondary school example

  • Go to the Industrial Revolution Tic Tac Toe project and read how students at Columbus East High School are learning about the Industrial Revolution.
  • Read the Diary Excerpt to get a sense of what one student learned about the Industrial Resolution.

(Industrial Revolution Tic Tac Toe used with the permission of the authors, Autumne Streeval and Harriet Armstrong)

Part D: Conclusing Discussion

  1. Take a few moments and write notes on what you believe is a working definition for effective lesson design. You will use this in the following activities.
  2. Log in to the Canvas Peer Coach community and participate in the "Promising Practices" discussion. Discuss:
    • How do the ideas gained in this session align with your discussion in Session 1 about the skills and competencies needed by our students?
    • How could you use this Review Promising Practices activity when coaching several teachers at your school?

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