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Peer Coaching

Getting Started (Self Study): Review Promising Practices

Work with your peer coach buddy.
What are the essential elements of a learning activity?

In this lesson you will answer that question by reviewing current research and looking at classroom examples of promising practices in the Scavenger Hunt for Reviewing Digital-Age Classroom Strategies that Work!.


  • Teachers carefully plan their curricula to help learners meet assessment standards but often struggle with how to integrate 21st Century skills.
  • As a coach, you must also be prepared to answer the question, "How can ICT increase learner engagement and academic rigour?"

Part A: Classroom Example

  1. Open the Scavenger Hunt Worksheet.
  2. Review the question and indicators located in Section A: Classroom Example.
  3. Use the worksheet to record your observations as you watch a video clip from High Point Elementary, a school with a high percentage of learners considered "at risk."

Museum Video Clip (15Mb)

Part B: Review Research

Use the research links below to help you answer the questions in Part B of the Promising Practices Scavenger Hunt handout.

  1. Read the sections titled “What the Research Says” and “Lessons Learned” on p. 1–3 of Investing in Technology: The Learning Return.

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