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Peer Coaching

Getting Started (Self Study): Review Lesson Improvement Resources

What are some key questions to ask when trying to improve a lesson?

A well-prepared coach can:

  • Help collaborating teachers improve their lessons using an easy and efficient process.
  • Recommend exemplary educational websites for their lessons and lesson improvement resources.

Part A: What's for Lunch?

Examine how the What's for Lunch? lesson you have just studied went through such an improvement process.

Part B: Discuss How the Lesson Was Improved

To improve the What's for Lunch? lesson, the teacher thought about the questions raised in Lesson Improvement Questions.

  • Working with your peer coach buddy, use the Lesson Improvement Questions to compare the original and revised What's for Lunch? lessons.

The revisions to What’s for Lunch were one teacher’s ideas. Now it is your turn to suggest ways this learning activity can be further improved.

  • Working with your peer coach buddy use the What's for Lunch? - Revised Lesson and discuss ways to improve this learning activity.


Log in to the Canvas Peer Coach community and participate in the discussion called “Review Lesson Improvement”. Discuss these questions:

  1. What are the major improvements of the revised lesson?
  2. How might you further improve the revised lesson?
  3. How might an increased focus on standards and assessment contribute to improvement of student learning in this lesson?
  4. What revisions to the lesson helped make the task more engaging and authentic for students?
  5. How did the use of technology enhance this lesson?
  6. Would the results of the lesson have been the same without using the Web site? Why or why not?

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