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Peer Coaching

Getting Started (Self Study): Find a Hook

How can I hook my collaborating teachers to use ICT?

Teachers need a reason to invest the time and energy to learn about integrating ICT into their curriculum.

In this activity you will:

  • Review educational websites providing teacher resources.
  • Evaluate the resources.
  • Add resources to your portfolio that are likely to hook or engage your specific teacher(s).

As you view Web resources, consider the following questions:

  • How would the teachers at my school use these materials?
  • Would the teachers be able to easily navigate through the pages or would they get lost?
  • Does it seem like the site is updated routinely, the links are working, and the content is valid?

Part A: Add Resources to Your Portfolio

  1. Think about the needs of the teachers in your school and what could help them with their teaching.
  2. Search for online resources that are relevant to your peer coaching needs.
  3. Explore the resources.
  4. Edit your portfolio, adding resources you or one of your collaborating teachers may find useful.

Part B: Share a Resource with the Community

  1. To share your hook, log in to the Canvas Peer Coach community and go to the Assignment called "Share your Hook" in the e-Learning 1 module.

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