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Getting Started (Self Study): Explore Web-based Collaboration

How can students share documents and other resources while working on a group project? What resources are available from Microsoft?

Just as you shared coaching plans and brochures with other coaches using the community workspaces on the Partners in Learning Web site, students can benefit from using a shared workspace to store documents, photographs, to do lists, and calendars.

In this activity, you'll explore free Web 2.0 resources available from Microsoft that you might use with students.

Explore Windows Live Tools

  1. Go to Windows Live (http://home.live.com). Use your Windows Live ID to sign in and explore resources available on Windows Live.
  2. Explore the Windows Live Home under the Windows Live icon. Features include:
    • Home - Returns you to your personal Windows Live Home page.
    • Devices - Up to 5 GB of free storage space to sync documents, photos, and other files between your SkyDrive and your computer using Live Mesh; allows files larger than 50MB per upload
    • SkyDrive - 25 GB of free storage space for documents, photos, multimedia and more. File size is limited to 50MB per upload.
    • Mobile - a variety of tools available for mobile phone apps
    • Downloads - Free Windows Live Essentials 2011 download, which includes Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Live Mesh and Blogging software and more
  3. Explore the Office menu to access documents stored on your SkyDrive, create or access Groups for collaboration, and access Office Web Apps.
    • Office Web Apps allow you to work in an online environment to create and share Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote files (even if you don't have the software on your computer for these programs).
    • Groups allow you to create a collaboration space where students or colleagues can collaborate. Store and share documents, presentations, photos, movies and more. Create a group calendar, invite members, and edit shared work.
    • Consider how Groups might be used to create a collaborative space for students to work.
    • To learn more about Office Web Apps view the video and teacher guides at http://www.pil-network.com
    • Visit Microsoft Education (http://www.microsoft.com/education) to explore useful teacher guides and on demand webcasts for a variety of educational products.

Concluding Discussion

  1. Log in to the Canvas Peer Coach community and participate in the discussion called ”Web-based Collaboration” which you will find in the e-Learning 1 module.
  2. Discuss how you might use these resources with students.
  3. Include those that seem useful to your school on your Coaching Portfolio.

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