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Peer Coaching

Getting Started (Self Study): Create a Portfolio

What's the Coaching Portfolio's purpose and how might you use it?

As a Peer Coach, you will identify Web resources to use in your teaching and with your collaborating teachers.

Housing your portfolio on a social bookmarking site has several advantages:

  • You may use and improve your Coaching Portfolio throughout the year.
  • It is always accessible for viewing by your collaborative partners and other interested educators.
  • It is always available online for editing.

Part A: Sharing links, documents and making reflective comments

Canvas has an eportfolio facility attached to your user profile. You will create an eportfolio in Canvas which you can use for sharing resources and ideas and receiving comments from other peer coaches.

  1. Log in to the Canvas Peer Coach community.
  2. Access the guideline for creating a community from the file list. Look for the file called "Creating a Portfolio".
  3. Create a basic eportfolio.

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