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Peer Coaching

Getting Started (Self Study): Assess Lesson Design

Part C: Learning Activity Checklist (Work with your Peer Coach buddy)

One key lesson improvement resource we will use is a checklist that the Peer Coaching program authors compiled from a wide variety of research sources. It is not THE complete list but is reasonably thorough and contains significant findings from a substantial body of research in the fields of cognitive science and education.

  1. Open the Learning Activity Checklist.
  2. Review the checklist, noting elements of the checklist that you or the group observed or generated in the Scavenger Hunt activity during the previous activity (Reviewing Promising Practices).
  3. Are there elements you and your Peer Coach buddy generated during the Scavenger Hunt that are not captured on this checklist? If so, determine if they should be added.
  4. Are there important parts of the checklist that weren't represented on the Scavenger Hunt?
  5. Now that we have added your ideas from the Scavenger Hunt to the Learning Activity Checklist, we have the norm for learning activities we will use throughout our Peer Coaching work. You may find it useful when you return to your school.

Part D: Assess Two Lessons Using the Checklist (Work with your Peer Coach buddy)

As a coach, you are often asked to help design or review a lesson plan or learning activity; this activity will help prepare you for that role.

  1. Working with your partner, open the Assess Lesson Design Template and save it to your desktop.
  2. Use the template to take notes on the activities you review.
  3. Review the first sample lesson, Pollution in River Yamuna. Look for evidence of how the learning activity reflects each of the four areas represented on the Learning Activity Checklist. Provide suggestions on how to improve areas you believe could be improved.
  4. Choose another lesson to review, again noting strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions with reference to the Learning Activity Checklist.
  5. Be prepared to share your observations and suggestions for improvement with the whole group.
  6. You might find it useful for your discussions about these learning activities to post your Lesson Design Template to the Shared Documents section of our workspace.

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