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Peer Coaching

Getting Started (Self Study): Assess Lesson Design

What are the characteristics of learning activities that will prepare students with the skills and competencies they need for success in college and careers?

What do coaches need to know and be able to do to support teachers’ needs?

Grant Wiggins (2009) insists that one key role professional development plays is to help teachers to evaluate learning activities by comparing them to their principles of effective learning.

What are some roles a coach can play in comparing current practice to these principles? A well-prepared coach can:

  • Help collaborating teachers improve their lessons using a common definition of effective lesson design.
  • Use communications skills that encourage the collaborating teacher to think more deeply about adopting new approaches that meet the needs of students to improve learning.
  • Recommend content resources or suggest instructional strategies to improve learning activities.
  • Assist other teachers to understand how technology can enrich and enhance learning.

Part A: The Coach's Role and ICT Integration (Self-study)

As a coach, you will provide learning support to teachers as they explore how to enhance learning by integrating ICT. To do this, it is critical for you to be able to answer several questions:

  • What does it mean to enhance learning with ICT?
  • How can ICT be integrated into the curriculum to help achieve assessment standards?
  • What are the principles of sound lesson design?

ICT integration occurs when ICT supports and extends curriculum outcomes, engages learners in meaningful learning, and is used daily in the classroom.

Dias, L.B. (1999, November). Integrating Technology: Some Things You Should Know. Learning & Leading with Technology , 27(3), 10-21.

Part B: ICT Integration Adds Learning Value to Lessons (Self-study)

Sometimes learners' excitement about learning a new technology significantly increases their engagement in a learning activity, but increased engagement is not enough: ICT integration must add learning value.

One of your tasks as a coach is to help your collaborating teacher(s) integrate ICT so that one or more of the following objectives is met:

  • Learners gain access to information or points of view they could not readily find elsewhere.
  • Learners investigate a concept in ways they could not without the ICT (e.g. virtual dissection).
  • Learners organize information to facilitate comparison, analysis, or synthesis.
  • Learners use the same problem-solving tools adults use. Instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of different learners.
  • Learners collaborate with remote groups or subject-matter experts outside the classroom.

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