Dolphins - The Oracles of the Sea
Evolution and Taxonomy Behaviour
Anatomy Human and Dolphin
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About the Authors

Photo of Bradford
Bradford Hovinen

I come from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in the northeastern United States.  I am an avid user of Linux who enjoys programming in C and Scheme. I am academically very talented, and am currently in the top position in my class.
Email: <hovinen@redrose.netREMOTE>

Photo of Onno
Onno Faber

I'm a 17 year old student attending high school in Holland. I'm doing my examinations this year, and I'm very busy with it.
In my personal time, I work a lot in the Internet. Also, I have a very small company which provides Internet services, like Website Editing, Website Hosting, etc.
Beside that, my favorite animal is (of course) the dolphin. I like the sea and all the things in it. I collect shells too, and I've been collecting them for about 5 years. Now, I've got a big personal collection.
In the future, I want to study Architecture. I want to design buildings, and stuff like that.
Email: <onno@faber.nuREMOTE>

Photo of Vincent
Vincent Goh

I'm a 17 year old Junior College student from Singapore. The reason why I participated in this Thinkquest Competition is because I want to learn more about professional web designing. Besides making web pages, I'm also interested in music, especially alternative music. Cool!
Email: <vin478a@unforgettable.comREMOTE>

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Evolution and Taxonomy Behaviour Anatomy Human and Dolphin
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