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Welcome to the core module, ICT in Schools, of the Advanced Certificate in Education. You may have read and reflected on a general background to educational theory (Core Module 1A), with focus on teaching, learning and thinking, we now turn our attention to another aspect of ICT integration, the role of ICT in schools. Our focus will not be on the technology as such, but rather on how the technology can enhance learning and teaching and what typical transformations teachers throughout the world have had to undergo to make most appropriate use of ICT in teaching and learning.

The path of ICT integration in schools over the last two decades has been littered with failure as much as it is lit by successes. It is our intention to guide you on a pathway that will enable you to make decisions about successfully enhancing learning with the support of ICT. We encourage you to be critical of what you see and what you read and to reflect on what you experience with ICT. Failures often occur simply because people do not reflect deeply enough on what they do with ICT.

The blog and portfolio

Throughout this module you will be making use of an blog as part of your portfolio.


During this module always try to look for support when you have a problem by consulting the following resources, preferably in this order:
  • use tips on the CD (available from the Tipsheets menu and the Search button)
  • consult colleagues at your school who may be doing the same module
  • send a message to your group
  • consult colleagues and friends who have previous experience of ICT planning
  • send a message to your tutor
How to proceed

The Module Outline for this module will give you an idea of the layout of the module. You can also return to this map at any time to make your own way around the module. Click on Module Outline in the left hand margin of this page.


We suggest that you start by Activity 0 - Hello activity.

ICT in Schools
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